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Fermicare Pessary (FDB/HD.05-7054)

    This is used for the treatment of viginal infections in women. For example communicable diseases through sex like colpitis, gonorrhea, genital warts, herpes, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) etc. This herbal pessary also cures candidiasis, vaginal odour and itching, leucorrhea odour ,cervicitis, ovaritis, ovarian cycst, cervical erosion, female sterility caused by the above organic diseases. it prevents extrauterine pregnancies too. This can make you feel attractive and confident about having a better sex life.

    That hot and frequent spicy moments when you and your partner had those romantic moments will be reinstated. You do not need to see the doctor frequently when using this pessary because it is an OTC (Over The Counter). You do not need a prescription and it is 100% effective. READ MORE ABOUT FERMICARE PESSARY

    Not suitable for pregnant women