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Charming Ginseng Slimming Tea(FDB/HD.05-7050)

    This is very different from the common slimming tea on the public market. This is not just some Slimming Tea but contains quality Chinese multi-herbs specifically for the removal of excessive body weight, facilitate in the control of fat, clears harmful materials and metabolic waste from the body, controls blood pressure(reducing hypertention), clears cholestrol in bloodstreams, heat and fatigue and prevents obesity.

    For the past years, this herbal tea has been proven to have the effects of reducing high blood pressure and blood fats, intenerate blood vessels thus resulting in it being widely used to treat secondary hypertention and preventing stroke. This tea can help you achieve your target weight easily and safely and also add some beauty to your body. This tea is very easy to include in your diet. It is not just for the purpose of loosing weight but also keeping healthy. READ MORE ABOUT SLIMMING TEA

    Not suitable for pregnant women