Qunloon Nigeria is a Chinese herbal company registered in Nigeria since 2004, however we have a long time history trading Chinese herbal medicines in China and the far east.

Our pharmacy production partners are the most famous factories in China, known for the production of quality Chinese herbal medicines with the best curative effects by the use of modern techniques. These medicines are traditional products protected bythe China Government.

As a herbal medicine importer approved by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, Qunloon Nigeria recommends these medicines to Nigeria and the west African market. There are no known side effects. There are vast differences between Qunloon medicines and the other chemical medicines or the nameless low-cost herbal medicines.

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Huichun Capsules

This is mainly for men.Huichun capsules is the official name.

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Full name is Male silkworm moth nourishing oral liquid.

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Kin Tablet

It is the best herbal hypo tensor presented by Qunloon 

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X & Y Granules

This improves and cures man’s low sperm count,

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Araba Ba Zhen Pills I

This is for the cure of menstral disorder, pain

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Statistics has described that these herbal medicines’ clinic availability rate are more than 98% averagely, which means that, it is not only available for patients in curing their diseases which is available in pharmacy shops nearby, but also for doctors who use these medicines in treating their patients by rule, line and safety.